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What I Found In My Backyard

             During last summer, I found a bunch of insects, amphibians, arachnids, reptiles and plenty more bugs just in backyard.
             A couple of months ago when it was summer still I would always go out in my backyard just to see what I could find. I found salamaders, worms, spiders, snakes, frogs, toads and just a bunch of other things like that.
             Also a couple of months ago I was looking for salamanders under rocks in the moist after it just rain. Well I was very successful at that. I was trying to find a different species of salamanders that I have never seen before. While I was looking for some, I moved a rock and found a pretty decent sized spider that I have never seen before. It was a dark red with a tan abdomen with huge red fangs. I captured it because I wanted to observe it. So I went on google and actually saw that it was called a wood louse spider. I thought that it was pretty cool.
             While I was searching it up I found that it was venomous to animals but not humans. Well yeah I thought that it was a pretty cool arachnid.