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My Family

              My family is something you don’t see everyday. There are 13 people in the family but currently there are 12 people in the house because my older brother is twenty and has moved out. Their names are Shawn (dad), Shelly (mom), Brendan (brother), Devin (sister), Arianna (sister), Caollin (sister), London (sister), Bailey (brother), Luke (brother), Ireland (sister), Summer (sister), Kenzie (sister), and then there’s me.
              Brendan- A very fun man who likes to play games, be active and is a twenty year old trapped in a five year olds body.
              Devin-A very shy girl who doesn’t really do anything except read, write, draw, and be on facebook, but she does like to go to the lake sometimes with me or some of her friends to hang out. She also likes nature a lot like animals and reptiles, amphibians and all of those other life forms.
              Arianna- A strange girl who likes to do makeup and draw very cool but sometimes freaky things on her face. She is a girl who is not afraid to get dirty.
              Caollin- My mom always say that she is a girl version of me because she loves minecraft, scribblenauts, and snakes and other reptiles. Plus she likes to fish which I enjoy a whole bunch. She is also a very active person who likes to bounce off of walls and gets introuble a lot. (Same as me).
              London- She loves to eat, run around outside, and watch me and Caollin play minecraft. She also has a habit of getting on everybodies nerves.
              Bailey- A boy who likes to draw, make paper dolls, and do dress up. He also likes to cut hair a lot and I mean not just doll hair.
              Luke- He is the tough guy of the family. He likes to thrown dolls around and punch them and has a habit of stomping around the house when he gets into trouble. He is probably the exact opposite of Bailey.
              Ireland- She is a little girly girl who likes to play dolls and draw, and play with stuff animals. She is also a little cutey.
              Summer- She is so adorable, and she loves to read books, draw, and play on electronics. She is one of those girls who is going to be an easy learner. I mean she loves to learn how to read, write, draw and plenty more things.
              Kenzie- She loves to cry but she is really adorable. She also loves to laugh, wake up in the middle of the night and loves to be held.
              But no matter how much they get on my nerves I still love them so much and i’m glad that they’re in my family.


             In that picture I’m not in but im in the bottom one.


             No matter how much your family bugs you just remember that God put them there for a reason.


What I Want To Do This Summer

               There are a lot of things that I’m planning on doing this upcoming summer.
                Since I’m turning 14 this April, my Dad is going to be taking me hunting with him. I have waited for 2 years which seemed for forever. But now I’m finally old enough to.
                Another thing that I’m going to do this summer is a lot of trout Season, I believe it starts either the end of March, or the beginning of April. I honestly can’t wait for trout Season to start because I only ever caught one trout and that was a small Brown trout. Anyway, I’m planning to be doing a lot of fishing this year.
                There is one more main thing that I want to do this summer. I want to spend more time with my friends and family. While I’m spending time with my friends we’re either hanging out at the lake, skateboarding, or we’re walking around looking for snakes, frogs, or crawfish. While I’m spending time with my family we’re either outside in our yard, or in the house making crafts, doing art, or eating ice cream.
                 That is what I’m planning on doing this upcoming summer.

What I Did This Summer

                 I did plenty of fun things last summer because about 3 blocks or so I live right by a lake and I would love to go there with my family because it was very nice and peaceful to sit there and relax. Some other things that I would do is that I would constantly go there with my friends to hang out there.
                 While I was there most of the time I was either fishing, looking for snapping turtles, or just playing in the lake looking for snakes, crayfish, frogs, and even giant snails.
                  I remember the one day last summer I went to Northampton, PA and I would fish there with my two younger sisters and my Dad. The one day it was probably like the 3rd or 4th day I started to fish, and I was standing there with my line cast out in the water just waiting, when suddenly something bit my line and yanked me into the water alittle bit but I managed to reel it in really fast and I got alittle startled because it was about a two foot long eel, I got pretty scared becuase I never actually seen one before in person. So I ran up to it and tried grabbing it but it got away, I was happy but pretty upset because I wanted to show my Dad.
                   Well that was what my Summer was like.