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What I Did This Summer

                 I did plenty of fun things last summer because about 3 blocks or so I live right by a lake and I would love to go there with my family because it was very nice and peaceful to sit there and relax. Some other things that I would do is that I would constantly go there with my friends to hang out there.
                 While I was there most of the time I was either fishing, looking for snapping turtles, or just playing in the lake looking for snakes, crayfish, frogs, and even giant snails.
                  I remember the one day last summer I went to Northampton, PA and I would fish there with my two younger sisters and my Dad. The one day it was probably like the 3rd or 4th day I started to fish, and I was standing there with my line cast out in the water just waiting, when suddenly something bit my line and yanked me into the water alittle bit but I managed to reel it in really fast and I got alittle startled because it was about a two foot long eel, I got pretty scared becuase I never actually seen one before in person. So I ran up to it and tried grabbing it but it got away, I was happy but pretty upset because I wanted to show my Dad.
                   Well that was what my Summer was like.