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What Happened At Church Yesterday

            Yesterday we had church and it wasn’t like normal. We had a lesson about putting things back together amd how we can’t always put everything back together completely.
            For the lesson we went outside into the freezing cold weather. The person that was teaching us the lesson that day. She brought with her a house that she made in 10th grade. She was talking about how she made it in 10th grade and how it took her several weeks to make. She said how she loved it. Then she told us to take several feet back. Well then she did the unexpected.
           She took her hand made house and threw it on the floor. Like I mean not just drop she slammed it to the floor with no warning. It broke into thousands of pieces. She took a bigger part that was already on the floor and took it and threw to the ground, but something terribly bad had happened. The sharp pointed edge of the sculpture slit right into her finger. Blood came pouring out and I mean not just drops, I mean huge piles come falling out of he finger. She quickly ran inside to wrap it up.
           We sat in the youth room and she came back and told us that she had to go to the ER (Emergency Room). She then told us that she had to get stitches. My mom then told us she had to get 8 stitches in her finger.
           The lesson was that she was supposed to throw it and we were supposed to try and put it back together again and how we couldn’t always fix everything the exact same way.